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With over 300 stores spread across 16 states, Belk is the single largest department store chain in the United States that’s privately owned. Having been around since 1888 when it was first created as the retail shop New York Racket. Over time, the department store chain’s name changed from that to Belk Brothers and, finally, just Belk. Along with their popular retail locations, the website has seen a steady growth since its restructuring in 2008. The store credit card offered by Belk can be used at any of their locations online, making it notably convenient for their customers.

Considering that Belk’s tagline is, “Modern. Southern. Style.,” it makes sense that the majority of states they operate in are Southeastern, and that most of the items they carry are clothing and fashion accessories. Their merchandise is mostly name-brand midrange goods, and beyond clothing they carry shoes, jewelry, makeup, gifts, furniture and home décor.

If you’re a longtime Belk customer, you likely already have a Belk Credit Card and, if not, then you have surely been offered one while checking out in stores from time to time. The benefits of this card are pretty wonderful, including percentage discounts, exclusive shopping events, rewards points and more. Customers can redeem their points for an impressive collection of goods and services like airline tickets, hotel stays and store merchandise among others.

Belk Credit Card

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Payment Accepted
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Belk Credit Card Rewards

More than just what was discussed above, having a Belk Credit Card comes with a number of other cardholder benefits to earn and use rewards points. As mentioned, air travel and hotel rooms are available through points, but so are room and seat upgrades for those who already have an itinerary. This means that Belk Credit Card users can pay their normal rates for travel and upgrade to a luxurious vacation through many airlines and hotels in the United States, all of which includes free travel insurance and travel assistance.

Having a Belk Credit Card will also help save money in the long run through their rewards points shopping programs. Earned points can be redeemed for steep one-time sales, in-store goods, gift certificates and discount savings cards. It is also possible to earn enough points to get electronics, home appliances, spa treatments and movie tickets, meaning there’s something available for anyone. And, to add a truly useful layer to the card, you could even redeem your points for free gas and vehicle car accessories as well as car repairs and maintenance.

Unique Features of Belk Credit Cards

  • No Annual Fees: Along with not having to pay to upkeep your Belk Credit Card, you also won’t be charged penalty fees that often force customers to come up with the cash to make huge monthly payments.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Though it is a privately owned company, Belk offers its cardholders a number of ways to pay your monthly credit card bill.  One of the most convenient of these options is automatic payments, which saves a significant amount of time and worry by automatically withdrawing a selected amount each month without forcing you to log in to their website, pay over the phone or send a payment in through the mail.
  • However, those options do also exist for those who might be on a tight budget or who like to strictly monitor all of their outgoing expenses.
  • Growing Selection of Cards: With the extensive benefits offered to cardholders of the Belk Credit Card, it might be surprising to learn that as you use and pay your balance on the rewards card, you can also qualify for other credit cards through the retailer.

By spending a certain amount of money each year, Belk Credit Card users can earn access to a few different levels of cards. To learn about the differences between each of these cards, continue reading the notes for each one below:

  • Belk Rewards Card – This is the credit card that most people start off with after applying for a Belk Credit Card, and customers will stay at this level if they spend $599 or less annually. Every 400 points earned with a Belk Rewards Card will yield a $10 store credit. Points earned through the Belk Rewards Card are earned one-to-one for every dollar spent. Additional features include easy, receipt-free returns and no liability for fraud.
  • Belk Premier Card – For those who spend between $600 and $1,499 over the course of a year with their Belk Credit Card, the Belk Premier Card comes with everything available through the Belk Rewards Card and a few extra perks. These include access to purchase-based flex pay financing, free gift wrapping and free basic alterations.
  • Belk Elite Card – The Belk Elite Card is the top of the line credit card through the company and comes equipped with all of the benefits from both the Belk Rewards and Belk Premier Cards and some quality incentives to keep you shopping at Belk year round. This card offers special events where shoppers can earn three-times the points and it offers customizable 15%-off sale days, a birthday coupon for 20% off and free shipping for purchases made in stores and online.

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