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With hundreds of stores in many states through the country, Belk stands firm as the largest priavately-held department retail chain in the country. The brand has a long history, too, as they have been around for over 125 years now and have developed strong ties to the people and communities who frequent Belk stores. Another reason their popularity has continued its steady growth is that Belk seems dedicated to bringing the best in fashion without making their customers go broke in the meantime. For the most part, Belk’s goods are targeted toward women, but they do also carry clothing and accessories for men, children and babies as well as home furnishings, gadgets and other various items.

However, one of the best things offered by Belk is the Belk Credit Card. Featuring a pretty incredible list of benefits and rewards, a multi-tiered offering of credit cards, and much convenience in the way of making payments on the account. Rewards through the Belk Credit Card are earned through making purchases in Belk stores or online at, where every dollar spent means another point earned. The points can then be converted into all sorts of great rewards.

If you are thinking about or would like to become a Belk Credit Card user but aren’t sure where or how to apply, the rest of this guide will help walk you through the procedure with only a few easy steps.

Belk Credit Card

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Payment Accepted
Cash, Check Credit, Card, Invoice
HQ Address
PO Box 960012
Orlando, FL 32896
Pay By Mail
P.O. Box 960012
Orlando, FL 32896-0012

Application Process

STEP 1 – Prepare all of the information you will need during the application process that you might not have committed to memory. This will include details like your annual net income, the amount of time in years that you have spent at your current address and your driver’s license information.

STEP 2 – If you are at the Belk Rewards Card website, you should see a link right in the middle of the page that says “Apply Today” – click that link.

STEP 3 – You should now be on the application form for the Belk Credit Card. Input all of the information required to complete your Belk Credit Card application. The required entries are marked with an asterisk (*). Be prepared to enter a lot of personal information as with all credit applications, which will include details like your Social Security number, full name, address, phone numbers, email address and more.

STEP 4 – Read through and agree to the various terms & conditions presented to you. Don’t blindly agree to them, though, as there is at least one checkbox that is an agreement to additional service that you might not actually want.

STEP 5 – With everything filled out and the various documents agreed to, click the “Accept and Submit” button to send your application to Belk and Synchrony (the financial institution that manages Belk’s lines of credit). Depending on your current credit rating, the decision on whether you qualify for the card or not could be immediate or it may take a few days.

So, as you can see, signing up for a Belk Credit Card through is easy and should be relatively quick. Once you have your card, there is much you will be able to do by logging in online to that site, including check your balance, pay your bill, manage rewards points and much, much more.

STEP 1 – You need to have an account number for signing up for Belk credit card. You can find on the back of your credit/debit card. Make an estimate regarding how much money you are likely to spend annually at Belk. It will allow you to understand as to which Belk Credit Card you are eligible for and qualify for before you proceed to apply.

STEP 2 – Go to the Belk Reward Card website and click on apply for a Belk Credit cards tab.

STEP 3 – You will now be taken to a page where the requisite information required for acquiring a Belk card will be entered. This will include your personal information such as home address, phone number, cell number and so on. Next you will be asked to enter your date of birth, social security number driver’s license number and also you annual net income.

STEP 4 -Ok now for those of you who actually care about reading all of the terms and conditions prior to signing the agreement, the same body of writing here is for you. Scan through it and decided whether if the conditions and regulations appeal to you or not.

STEP 5 – Once you have agreed to all the terms and conditions, you can finally click on the submit tab.

So signing up for the – Belk Credit Card is simple as it gets. If you are really willing to get your Belk reward card go for it. Once you sign up for the card you’ll be able to pay your bills online, you can check for the points earned and balance on the account. The account manager also allows you to download the transactions, add authorized users and check your recent activity.

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