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With a ton of benefits and perks available to Belk Credit Card cardholders, the credit card can be wonderful to have in your wallet when you need to do a lot of shopping in a little amount of time. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more could easily all be funded by Belk’s store credit card, and it really doesn’t hurt that the rewards for Belk Credit Card users are pretty magnificent.

Pay Your Belk Credit Card Bill

It’s because of the store’s popularity and the card’s remarkable rewards programs that so many people have become cardholders of the Belk Credit Card. Nevertheless, those who are new to the credit and rewards program through Belk might find certain aspects of the card frustrating if they are trying to figure things out on their own for the first time. That being said, not knowing how to make a payment can be an aggravating experience.

To help cardholders get through that stage, the following information should help get through those first few weeks of having a credit card from Belk as this piece will discuss how Belk’s credit payment system works as well as offering other payment options and a handful of precautions you should be aware of.

Once going through the guide, you should know how to make a payment and, we promise, it’s really not a difficult task once you see how to get it taken care of online.

Make Online Payments to Belk

Deposit money from your checking account to your Belk balance

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Making an online payment for your Belk Credit Card works very similarly to the processes you may have experienced when making payments on other credit card accounts. You will need to have a working checking account from a financial institution to make bill payments. And, after setting up an online account at www.belkcredit.com, you will be able to make one-time payments or set up a recurring bill pay schedule.

Belk Credit Card Online Payment: Security

Since Belk uses Synchrony Financial to manage all of their credit transactions, you can rest assured that the utmost in security precautions have been taken to ensure your sensitive information remains safe. However, there are still a few things you should keep in mind when making payments online:

  • Don’t access the Belk credit payments site on a public computer (like at a library or coffee house)
  • Make sure to delete the cookies and your saved login information from time to time, especially if you download applications often
  • Make your password as abstract as possible
  • Always, always check the make sure that you are at the correct web address for the payment site (www.belkcredit.com)
  • Type the URL of the site in yourself rather than following links from other websites or through emails

Should you encounter any charges to your account you don’t recall making or you have any issues whatsoever, call Belk’s customer service line immediately at (866) 235-5443.

Just a note for future reference: If you need to call them but are away from your computer or an internet connected device, just look at the back of your Belk Credit Card and the customer service phone number will be printed there.

Using that phone number, you can perform a number of actions regarding your Belk Credit Card, including check your account balance and make payments among others. Calling customer service to check on your account can offer you the peace of mind that your account is in good hands, so don’t hesitate to dial that number if you think something might be wrong.

You can also make payments in any Belk department store, which is also the only way that you can use cash to pay the bill. The last payment option they offer is through the mail. You can prepare a check or money order made out to Belk and write your account number on it, then send it to the following address:

PO Box 960012
Orlando, FL 32896

For more information about Belk Credit Cards and their online bill payment process, visit the payment portal at http://www.belkcredit.com/

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